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florist fremantle

Common Problems


You may find that small black flies appear. Pyrethrum (low toxic insect spray) can be purchased from most supermarkets. A few sprays will bring these under control. Spraying the lid or walls of an enclosed terrarium rather than the plants works best, use only a limited amount of spray.



Periodically, the glass will need to be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove build up on glass. Don't use glass cleaner or toxic chemicals inside your terrarium they may damage the plants.

Smelly Terrarium - Indicates Rot from overwatering or not enough Light

Brown Leaf - Often indicates dehydration or too much sun.

Yellowing or Dropping Leaves - Your terrarium is getting too much water.

Extreme Reaching of Plant - The terrarium needs more light.

Please contact me if you have any issues or require more information on a terrarium problem.