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Monitoring and maintaining the perfect indoor plant humidity.

Are you looking for a reliable and accurate way to monitor the temperature and humidity levels of your indoor plant spaces?

Girl in hat holding gift wrapped Ficus plant, inside a plant room.

Let me tell you how I keep my plants happy with a humidifier and gauge. I'm a plant lover and I know that some plants especially the tropical ones, just love a little extra moisture in the air. That's where my trusty humidifier comes in! I place it near my plants and let it work its magic by adding moisture to the environment. It helps to prevent dryness and keeps my plants leaves looking lush and healthy. It's like a spa treatment for them and me too!

But how do I know when and how much to use my humidifier? simple, you need a gauge that monitors temperatures and humidity. I use a gauge that is equipped with a highly sensitive sensor that provides precise and reliable temperature and humidity readings. You can quickly check the current conditions and make adjustments as needed to ensure optimal comfort for your plants and even yourself. If humidity is low, turn your humidifier on and blast a warm steam until the air is reaching desired levels. Once you reach your desired humidity, turn the humidifier down to maintain levels. If levels are too high turn your humidifier off and allow lots of air flow, stagnant very humid air isn't very good for plants or humans.

So what is ideal humidity for plants? Humidity plays a crucial role in our overall well-being and the condition of our indoor spaces and plants. Most plants thrive in a humidity range of 40% to 60%. However, it's important to note that different plants have varying humidity preferences. Tropical plants for example, tend to enjoy higher humidity levels, whilst arid plants thrive in drier conditions. Humans do best in 30% to 50% humidity levels so finding a comfortable level for both you and loved plants is important. I usually aim to stay in the 50% range with higher humidity plants closer to the humidifiers plume and lower humidity need plants away from the plume. Always ensure you have air movement when using humidifiers, I like to turn a fan on and/or leave a window or door slightly open. You also don't want a lot of moisture to accumulate on the leaves so be aware of your humidifier's placement and steam plume.

If you follow my super simple tips above its easy to maintain plants year-round and keep them thriving.

With a humidifier and gauge its honestly a game changer and you will wish you got on board earlier.

"Get the ultimate control over your indoor environment with the ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer. and Beurer LB88WHT Dual Action Air Humidifier Say goodbye to guessing temperatures and humidity levels, and hello to thriving happy plants!"

Products pictured and mentioned above are products I've personally used and loved. You can click the links to get one for yourself. Keep in mind I make a small commission when you use my links above. However, I only endorse products I have personally used and like and this does not affect the price for you.

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